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Installing Linux on a Dead Badger: Author's Notes

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Lucy Snyder
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Hi! I'm Lucy.

I often go by Lucy-S on other sites; you can get a feed of my essays, fiction, reviews, etc. by friending lucysnyder.

I'm the author of the forthcoming Del Rey novel Spellbent and the collections Sparks and Shadows, Chimeric Machines and Installing Linux on a Dead Badger. My writing has appeared or will soon appear in publications such as Doctor Who Short Trips: Destination Prague, Weird Tales, Chiaroscuro, Masques V, The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Full Unit Hookup, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, SF Site, Strange Horizons, and Writer Online. If you want to know more, please visit my bibliography.

Among other things, I write poetry:

And humorous science fiction:

If you're into the whole stats thing, 45 of my short stories, 28 of my poems, and about 75 of my freelance essays and articles have been or will be published. However, through the mad power of reprint markets and the not-so-mad power of selling to magazines that paid on acceptance but went under before publication, I have 75 short story sales (if the IRS counts 'em, so will I).

If there's a take-home message in all that, it's this: if you have a story, and you sell it ... you can surely sell it again.

And: don't give up if at first a story doesn't sell. Persistence pays off. One of the members of my local writing group recently sold a story that had gotten 24 rejections. I have a story that was rejected 5 times over four years (slow response times!) before it sold to a semi-pro market ... and then in subsequent years I've sold it another 4 times, once for pro rates.

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The swirly blue icon I'm using is courtesy of the beautiful and talented 0olong

About half the posts I put here are friends-only; they may or may not be particularly juicy. Friend me if you'd like to be able to read them; unfriend me if you don't.

Other bits of possibly-relevant information:

  • My husband is Gary A. Braunbeck (haceldama, garybraunbeck); my journal will frequently feature his news as well as mine
  • I'm a graduate of Clarion
  • I used to be an editor for the now-defunct prozine HMS Beagle
  • I published Dark Planet for 7 years
  • You can also find me on Facebook

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