Lucy Snyder (las) wrote,
Lucy Snyder

Mo*Con III report

Mo*Con III was a heck of a lot of fun, and it was great to see everyone again.

The drive out Friday was a bit long and stressful; we hit storms on the way to Indianapolis that forced us to wait out hard rains by the side of the road (we had lights and blinkers on but I was concerned we'd be hit by someone who either couldn't see or who had lost control). After the storms passed, we got stuck on I-70 for about an hour after the fertilizer cargo in a semi-trailer apparently exploded (I'm not sure what-all happened, but when the jam finally cleared we passed a trailer that looked like it had been ripped open by the Cloverfield monster and a fertilizer-like substance was all over the road).

But, we got to Indy, got checked in, and went over to The Dwelling Place where we had really tasty chicken marsala and pasta etc. and listened to a surprisingly good celtic rock concert by a band called Mother Grove.

Saturday was a day of panels and more potluck and hanging out with Brian J Hatcher, Alethea Kontis, Chesya Burke, Lauren David, Michael West, Michelle Pendergrass (I have nothing against cowboys!), Nick Mamatas, Jason Sizemore, Jerry Gordon, etc. at Maurice's house that evening. Sunday was a morning of chatting with sarajlarson and damnedrodan and French toast. Do you sense a pattern here? Yes. Mo*Con is like a big consuite. ;-)
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