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A brief biographical correction

I'm posting this purely for the benefit of Wikipedia's editors.

So, the phrasing of my bio on Wikipedia got changed a little so it's not quite accurate, and in a couple of instances reporters etc. have paraphrased that to write up bio information on me that is even less accurate.

Anyhow: I grew up in San Angelo, Texas. My parents and I moved there when I was five because my father rejoined the Air Force as an officer; he was a psychiatrist assigned to Goodfellow Air Force Base. (When he was much younger, he enlisted in the Air Force and served in a non-combat role in the Korean War). He was an officer at GAFB for a few years; after he left the Air Force, we stayed in San Angelo. I lived in San Angelo until I was 22 and graduated from Angelo State; soon after, I moved to Bloomington, IN for grad school and haven't lived in Texas since.

Things that did not happen: we never lived on base. I wasn't an Air Force brat in the same way that a lot of my classmates were; many of them moved every couple of years and never had the sense of having a home town. But if my father hadn't been assigned to Goodfellow, we never would have moved to San Angelo.